A place to re-balance.


Our mission is to provide our Brooklyn community a place to practice traditional yoga and meditation. Old technologies of mindfulness and contemplation apply to today’s hectic world just as much as they applied to the hectic world of thousands of years ago when they were developed.

Located near the beautiful Greenwood Cemetery and not far from the highest point in Brooklyn (Battle Hill) our studio is a great place to re-balance, look inward and gain better perspective on life.

We may not live on a mountain in the Himalayas, but we can apply techniques developed by the sages many centuries ago to our daily lives in the city. Yoga practice proved to be adaptable and flexible as it was introduced to the West by the 20th centuries innovators like Krishnamacharya and Yogananda. We follow in their steps in hopes of keeping the practice alive and relevant in the modern world.

The name “unit 108” refers to the mystical number that features prominently in many Eastern spiritual traditions. It signifies unity, or, for the lack of a better word, “singularity”.

The number 108 evokes the mystical ideal of harmony, oneness or whatever you want to call it, expressed via the decimal (Hindu-Arabic) system.

The word “unit” has similar connotations - as an integral part of the whole that has the same attributes as a whole, yet maintains it’s own integrity and uniqueness.

We express deep gratitude to I Am Yoga for paving the path of yoga in our neighborhood. When some of us first moved to Sunset Park a decade ago there were no yoga studios around, so it took real courage and dedication to do it when they have done it.


To support our existence you can donate in cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Etherium are accepted.


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