unit 108



Postural practice (asana) is an integral part of Hatha yoga and it prepares the mind and the body for meditation. It can be practiced by itself as a way to improve your strength and flexibility. More often it’s practiced as one part of a holistic lifestyle to achieve a better balanced approach to the world we live in.



Not all yoga styles and not all wisdom traditions include physical exercise. However, the most common aspect of various traditions is the importance assigned to the meditation practices.

There are many different styles of meditation and everybody can find the way to meditate that is appropriate to their personality and lifestyle.



For as long as the practice existed Yogis have maintained a tradition of “satsang” - being a part of a community of spiritually inspired people. The word satsang comes from a Sanskrit word "to associate with true people". “Sat” means "the true essence” or “that which is unchangeable", for the lack of better words. It is our intention to continue this tradition in the modern world.



Compassion is often missing from our contemporary lives. We live in a divided and divisive world and it’s hard to experience compassion towards others. Many of us have difficulty looking at ourselves with love and kindness. Continuous and conscious mindfulness practice brings compassion and love back to the forefront of our lives.