Our Teachers:


Mary Lou Burkhardt

Mary Lou is a Hatha & Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor and IIN Health Coach. Her Vinyasa based teaching style intertwines mediation, pranyama, alignment and mindful flow.

She is also a member of the Setu Community: An inclusive yoga community that supports and promotes diversity.

Yoga has greatly helped her stress & anxiety, plus create strength and flexibility in her body and mind. She hopes to pass this on to every student she meets and has the honor of teaching.

My 200hr training was completed at Three Sisters Yoga in NYC. 

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Sasha Rydlizky

Sasha grew up in rural Maine with a love of nature and movement. Now based in Brooklyn, in addition to being a yoga teacher she is a professional dancer – performing, teaching, and choreographing. Her diverse movement background highly informs her practice and class, and she continues to be inspired by the wisdom our bodies have to offer. Sasha completed her 500 hour training with Abhaya Yoga. She is so grateful for the gift of yoga and the ability to share it with others


Lilian Lee

Lilian first discovered yoga in year 2001 and she remembered walking out of the class feeling like the best version of herself. She had absolutely loved it ever since. Her current mission is to recreate that same feeling for all her students through her alignment-based classes. She graduated with Bachelor of Science in Health Science and obtained her 500 hours RYT certification through YogaWorks in New York City. Lilian also trained under and did her basic rope and sling workshop with Alison West. With her strong background in anatomy and body biomechanics, her classes are meticulously crafted in proper alignment and movement with props. She believes what you experience on your mat can totally translate and influence the way you live your life off your mat. Practicing what she preaches, she enjoys living a happy and healthy lifestyle with her two young daughters through all forms of physical activities such as running, hiking, backpacking, biking, rock climbing, swimming and snowboarding as well as having a healthy diet.

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Krista Smithen

Krista fell in love with yoga the way you fall asleep: slowly at first, and then all at once.  At first, yoga was just something to do in her spare time. Gradually, it became one of the most important parts of her life.  In such a busy city, her mat became her daily escape to practice, ground, laugh, and sometimes even cry.  It was a place of non-judgment, acceptance, and a place for release.    

Krista completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2015 with Julie Dohrman of Shaktiyoga NY.  She originally had no intention of teaching, but just wanted to deepen her own practice.  However, she realized she had a passion for teaching halfway through the course when she found herself mentally preparing classes or offering other students adjustments in her head.  She teaches alignment-based classes with an emphasis on breath and foundation that are focused yet playful.  

As both a yoga teacher and a student, Krista understands the dynamics of the occasional yogi, as well as the devout yogi, because she’s been both.  She encourages people to step onto their mat, whether it is once in a while or every day, and to thank themselves for showing up. After all, showing up is the hardest part. 


Serge Cashman

Serge started practicing yoga by accident, bartering photography for yoga classes. Being in the present moment, comfortable with constant change and not attached to the results of one's efforts resonated with him immediately, as a photographer and as a person. He's  forever grateful to his first teacher, Sabine Heubusch, who introduced him to ISHTA.

He completed his 200hr training at Namaste Williamsburg with Debbie Desmond and later went on to the 500hr ISHTA training. His teaching is influenced by Sarah and Alan Finger, Peter Ferko, Douglass Stewart and many others. In addition, he took restorative training with Mona Anand and Gina Menza, and Yin Yoga and Insight Meditation with Sarah Powers, as over time his interests shifted more towards a meditative practice. He is Reiki certified. Lastly, he is grateful to Indra Devi and Paramahamsa Madhavadas for helping to keep yoga alive in the modern world.

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Laura Good

Laura is a Brooklyn based yoga instructor and Registered Nurse. Her career in nursing and her passion for health and wellness led her to complete her 200-hour certification at Yoga Vida in 2017. In addition to teaching Vinyasa flow classes, she has a strong interest in working with women throughout the perinatal period. She has completed Doula trainings with Debra Pascali-Bonaro, and she looks forward to completing her prenatal yoga certification in Spring 2019.

Laura's classes are for yogis of all levels. Classes are moderately-paced, alignment focused, and led with warm and light-hearted instruction. Her aim is for students to leave her class feeling energized, clear-headed, and present.

Outside of class Laura loves to read, cook, make ceramics, experiment with paint and watercolors, bike around Brooklyn, think of greeting card ideas, make lists, journal, and travel.


Mimi Le

Mimi’s love of yoga has spanned on and off the mat for over 10 years. Inspired by her family of yogis and Buddhist upbringing, she received her 200 hour yoga teacher training and certification from Abhaya Yoga in 2018 and 500 hour training in 2019. Having always been an active and curious soul with an intuitive sense of body awareness, Mimi enjoys finding balance in both the feminine and masculine qualities of the practice. She offers an energetic yet restorative practice where both breath and movement are mindfully integrated, while bringing awareness to one’s body through fluid asanas and safe alignment.  Mimi honors the generosity of being fully present, and offers her students to discover their own practice while encouraging them to embrace the strength and grace that unfolds.


Agnes Obratanska

Agnes teaches and practices Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Her artistic background influences her classes, they are creative, fun and challenging. She tries to treat every student as unique in order to meet their individual needs, and to help them find their own purpose, transform the body, mind and lifestyle in active, mindful movement.

She received a 200-hour certification through Tree Sisters Yoga and a 300-hour teacher training through YogaMaya Studio. In addition to her Vinyasa training, she completed prenatal yoga training at Om Yoga Center with Rebecca Lynn Conant, Intensive Teacher Training with Maty Ezraty, and restorative yoga at YogaMaya.

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Ariel Lim

Ariel Lim (E-RYT200, RYT500) - Known for her engaging and nurturing personality, she approaches her students with authenticity and humor. Her creativity and ability to pay attention to details make for excellent verbal cues and allows her to help students reach their full potential and work around constraints. She completed her first 500hr Teacher Training at Radiantly Alive in Ubud, Bali, and an additional 200hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Yinspiration. She is also a certified Swedish Thai massage therapist and Co-Teacher Trainer at the Ashram Om Yoga Inbound 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program in Spain. Her intention is to inspire others to use yoga as a space to nurture mind, body and spirit.

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Allana Díaz

Allana grew up in Brooklyn and has always loved to move. She began by doing Martial Arts with her dad on the weekends and by 19 she was running up Atlantic Avenue, across the Brooklyn Bridge to the West Side Highway and back home again as marathon training. She is a self proclaimed Brooklyn girl who knows how challenging living in NYC is. This can be an opportunity for growth and strength, but only with the right grounding and tools. Allana shares Yoga and mindfulness to help open up and strengthen the body and to ease and release the mind. She is also a Yoga nerd, so feel free to ignore her bad jokes.


Shakti Smith

Shakti first taught Yoga in 1998 at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and has continued teaching since. She is Ishta and Iyengar certified and has a full-time Thai Bodywork, Embodiment Coaching, and Sound Healing practice in Prospect Heights. Shakti teaches Chakra Balancing and Thai Massage at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. She is thrilled that her colleague and friend Serge has opened Unit108 on the block where she lives; and happy to be meeting her neighbors in class. www.PremaSoma.com


Karen Hsieh

Karen recently completed her 200-hour Teacher Training with Abhaya Yoga. She is passionate about making yoga safe, approachable and fun. Karen believes yoga is not only helpful on the spiritual path but also beneficial for health. Yoga is accessible to everyone at any age and you should come to join her for a flow!

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Amanda Spikes

Amanda was first introduced to yoga per recommendation of her physical therapist in helping treat her scoliosis when she was a teenager. Having reaped the physical benefits of the practice, Amanda became more curious about the breath and its relation to the spirit and body. She fell back into the practice in 2014 while living in South Korea.

Amanda completed her YTT 200 at Jai Yoga Arts in 2018. She continues to apprentice under the guidance of Ella Luckett. Her moderately-paced Vinyasa classes emphasize breath connection to movements in a dynamic flow. She hopes to create a space where students can experience their lives in a more meaningful way both on and off the mat.


Isabelle Atallah

Isabelle is a world citizen. She spent most of her life in Lagos, Nigeria and Beirut, Lebanon. She is of Indian and Lebanese decent. She came to New York to complete her Bachelors in Biology at Long Island University. Her style is playful. Isabelle embraces the inner child within us – wide eyed and curious, and without inhibitions. She creates a nurturing and encouraging environment. She encourages her students to bring their individuality to the room. She received her 200 hour Teacher Training from Abhaya Yoga.


Asher Sered

Asher first discovered yoga as a way to remedy the physical stresses of modern office life. Yoga brought him not only improved posture, but also a renewed connection with breath and the subtle body. Yoga is a passion for Asher as well as a means of self-care and exploration, and he is excited to share his enthusiasm for yoga with the Unit 108 community. In his classes, you can expect a mix of flowing vinyasa, invigorating arm-balances and plenty of time for rest and restoration.

When not practicing yoga you can find Asher baking bread, reading books and training an artificial intelligence to take over his responsibilities.